English Alt-Pop Singer Déyyess Is In 'Control': Watch

February 21, 2019

London-based singer Déyyess’ single “Control” is an empowering ballad about finding inner confidence, and it’s new music video, premiering today, matches its introspective vibe.

“I want to tell the world that you can break the chains of whatever or whoever is holding you back from being who you are,” the alt-pop artist tells Billboard. "It’s an important issue for me. If you have never felt trapped in your life somehow you might not get it, but that’s ok.”

The visual is relatively simple, with Déyyess surrounded in darkness as glimmers of light shine across her face. She says the song is about not allowing people to tell you who you are.

“It’s about having the confidence in yourself to drive your dreams and visions and being prepared to tackle anyone or anything that tries to push you off track,” she says.

Check out the moody music video for “Control” below.