Ronan Farrow Joins Drop The Subject To Give Us A Look Into His Brand New Podcast

You Can Find The "Catch & Kill" Podcast on RADIO.COM

November 26, 2019

The New Yorker journalist who broke the Harvey Weinstein story during the height of the #METOO movement, Ronan Farrow, joins Jarrett and Allly on Drop The Subject. Farrow joins us to give us an in-depth look into his new podcast, "Catch & Kill", which is an adaptation of his book "Catch & Kill." Farrow shares that the podcast delves into even more evidence and details that were not in his book. The "Catch & Kill" podcast paints a more detailed picture for the listener that we don't get from the book and the podcast chronicles the ups and downs Farrow faced while trying to report and break this story. You can find the "Catch & Kill" podcast right HERE on RADIO.COM.