Michael Buckley Says In Order to Practice Self-Care Best We Must Be Ok With What We Can't Control

Watch Here as the Youtube life coach shares tips for self care on I'm Listening Stay Connected

April 6, 2020
Michael Buckley  RADIO.COM's I'm Listening: Stay Connected

Today on I'm Listening: Stay Connected Dr. Chris Donaghue is joined by Nickelodeon star Stephen Kramer Glickman and YouTube sensation/ life coach Michael Buckley. Glickman sheds light on how comedy has been helping him through this time, Glickman also gives listeners tips on how to approach controversial subjects with comedy. 

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Next Donaghue is joined by Michael Buckley, early Youtube adopted and well-renowned life coach. Buckley talks about living in moments of sadness and allowing yourself to feel everything. Buckley says the most important goal right now is for people to manage themselves. Dr. Chris and Buckley also touch on the fact that it is so important for mental health professionals to take time to have their own moments as well. Often times it is assumed that mental health professionals have it all together, however, we want to highlight that It is ok to break down. Finally, Buckley explains that in order to practice self-care best you have to practice "positive, directive and intentional thought about yourself", while also understanding what you can and cannot control. one must be ok with what they cannot control. 

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