Margaret Cho Wants To Use Comedy During This Pandemic To Stand Up Against Xenophobia

Watch here as she speaks with Dr. Chris on Im Listening: Stay Connected

April 2, 2020

This evening on I'm Listening: Stay Connected, Margaret Cho joins Dr. Chris to discuss how we can use comedy to heal collectively, but also how she wants to use her material to call out xenophobic tendencies that have emerged during the COVID-19 outbreak. As an Asian America, she feels it is important to call out the blame that many are unjustly directing towards Asian Americans at this time. She says that she has not stopped working on new material, and has been using her time in social isolation to not only write new comedy material, but she has also been using this time to do stand up on streaming platforms such as Instagram Live. 

Cho shares that she hopes that this collective trauma we are all facing, can also bring about joy for many of us. She says that this moment has allowed so many people to bond over moments in pop culture, such as the Netflix limited series, Tiger King.

Cho also thinks that this extra time in social isolation will allow more people to get to know themselves better. She states that she has realized that she is more of an extrovert than she ever thought, and feels like she craves the energy she gets from being surrounded by others. Social distancing has allowed her, now more than ever, to stay connected. Cho is using technology to stay in touch with loved-ones and feel like she is not alone in this. 

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