Brandi Carlile Shares Advice for Aspiring LGBTQ Musicians: 'Find a Community, Don't Give Up'

February 10, 2019

Brandi Carlile stopped to chat with Billboard’s Tetris Kelly on the red carpet at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala on Saturday (Feb. 9), discussing what her post-Grammy plans are and sharing advice for young LGBTQ people aspiring to make it in the music business.

Asked how she plans to relax after the Grammys, Carlile tells Billboard that she is going on a vacation with her wife and her two babies. “I'm gonna thank them for supporting my crazy life this year,” she adds.

Carlile is also posed with the question of what advice she would give to young LGBTQ people who wish to work in music. “The first thing I would say is it's entirely possible,” she replies.

“The Grammys was something I was allowed to stay up late for … to see if Whitney and Celine could hit the notes and because they could, I knew that, as a woman, I could be a big singer and have a big voice and maybe some day be at The Grammys,” she continues. “And if there's somewhere an LGBTQ child that's allowed to stay up late at night to see me hit the notes tomorrow night, then I've done my job in a massive way. You can do it. Find a community. Don't give up.”

You can watch the full video interview with Brandi Carlile above, and be sure to tune in to the Billboard Grammy pre-show, streaming live on Twitter on Sunday (Feb. 10) at 5:30 pm ET/2:30 pm PT.

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