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Ryan, Adam Faison, Shira

The TV Show Breaking Ground for the Autistic Community

Adam Faison joins Let's Go There to discuss his role in Freeform’s highly-anticipated drama series “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.” The series has Faison playing the love interest of Nicholas who is taking over care of his two half-sisters as they cope with the loss of his father who passes away of... Read More

What Exactly is the Coronavirus Everyone is Worried About?

An official report confirmed the death of 17 people was linked to a virus that has been identified to be a part of the coronavirus family which stems from animals. This coronavirus has appear in China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, and now the Unites States. We... Read More

I Object: The One Thing You Must Object To In 2020 To Discover Love

Have you ever been the object of another’s desire? Has someone been the object of your desire? In my experience as a matchmaker and date coach, desire is the elusive secret ingredient titillating dater’s interest. The caveat, desire can titillate interests until they’re twisted into objectives (e.g... Read More

Celebrate Valentines Day By Naming a Cockroach After Your Ex

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and you may want to considering celebrating the holiday a little bit differently this year after learning about the El Paso Zoo's Valentines Day Special. The zoo announced that they will let people name a cockroach after their ex, which will then be fed to... Read More

A Former Spy Shared His Best Practices with Us

Errol Southers is a former spy who was involved in some super top-secret missions (which he wouldn't share with us, of course) which qualified him to be a judge on Bravo's new TV series called Spy Games. Spy Games is a show that recruits 10 highly skilled civilians and puts them through training... Read More
 Jim Brasher

How To Help A Girl In Need

We at Channel Q are sending our love to Amelia Brasher, who just lost her father a couple of years after losing her mom. We wanted to spread the message on this so here is the link to the GoFundMe. If you donate please dm us at @wearechannelq so that we may share our love with you. Read More

Are Hospitals Ripping People Off?

Nurse Alice joined us in studio with some very interesting & possibly critical information. She shared a story about a woman who was facing medical bills that were way higher than her capability to pay, so she sought advice from an unlikely platform: Tik Tok. Someone advised her to ask for an... Read More
Courtney Friel

The Journey of KTLA's Courtney Friel

KTLA Anchor Courtney Friel joins us to discuss her new book “Kicking Booze and Breaking News”. The former Fox News reporter also talks about her inappropriate encounter with Donald Trump before he was President and doing the infamous spin featured in Bombshell for her the boss Roger Ailes. Now, ten... Read More
Chippendale Jayson Michael A Night OUT In Las Vegas

OUT In Las Vegas With Chippendales' Jayson Michael

FoXx & Freezy invite their previous guests, Chippendale Jayson Michae l, for a night OUT in Vegas and we got to see how he likes to party! Series OUT In Las Vegas With FoXx & Freezy's Previous Guests Chippendale Jayson Michael Before A Night OUT In Las Vegas Chippendale Jayson Michael A... Read More