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The Morning Beat: Billionaire Creates Own Parking Spot

Well-known hedge fund manager Noam Gottesman. NYC Billionaire, had neighbors towed for parking in front of his falsified "driveway." This caused lots of controversy as Gottesman got strangers ticketed, and towed as they parked in his alleged parking space. We asked if Jai and Mikalah would do this... Read More

The Morning Beat: Blair St. Clair

Hunny Blair St. Clair just dropped a sickening music video and we wanted to share with you. the 24-year-old stands tall over her past struggles at the forefront of a landmark publishing deal between Producer Entertainment Group and Warner Music’s Alternative Distribution Alliance, self-rising a new... Read More

Let's Go There: Mega Churches

Christian mega-churches are having a moment right now — especially in Hollywood with Just Bieber talking about his love of church and Kanye West bringing his Sunday service to life. There are more megachurches in California popping up lately, but it seems like many aren’t practicing what they’re... Read More

Let's Go There: Garcia

Netflix’s Tales of the City has issued in a new wave of queer representation in Hollywood. Tales of the city is a sequel to the 1993 miniseries and is inspired by the "Tales of the City" book series. Trans non-binary actor & activist GARCIA joins Let’s Go There w/ Shira Lazar & Ryan... Read More

The Morning Beat: Progressive Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes

A cockatoo has been filmed tearing anti-nesting spikes from a shopping centre, freeing up the ledge for other birds in the Australian city of Katoomba. We are here for this and would love to hear your thoughts on this. Click here to watch this video. Hit us up @wearechannelq with your reaction to... Read More

The Morning Beat: Leno And Rosemary LaBianca Mansion Up For Sale!

We asked Jai and Mikalah if they would buy a house that someone was murdered in if the price was knocked down. Their answers shocked us, but we wanted to hear from you. Click here to see all the details and pictures. let us know @wearechannelq if you would purchase the Leno And Rosemary LaBianca... Read More

Let's Go There: Shannon Boodram

Sexologist, Shannon Boodram joins Let's Go There to talk about her new book THE GAME OF DESIRE: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance—and Getting What You Want. Boodram shares tips to the modern dating game and how to go from friends with benefits to lifelong partners. For more info go to:... Read More

Hear Me Out: Different Sexual Interests

Topic #25 - Different Sexual Interests You’re into kink, but she’s not. He wants a threesome, you don’t. Today we’ll show you how to navigate differing sexual drives without feeling bad about yourself and your values Read More