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Spice Girls Make '2 Become 1' Lyrics More LGBTQ-Friendly Ahead of Reunion Tour

"We felt like it needed to be more inclusive.”

April 11, 2019

When 2 become 1. 

The Spice Girls have a big year ahead of them as they embark on a reunion tour together. 

Before they hit the stage, the ladies decided it was necessary to alter their lyrics to their 1996 single '2 Become 1' in order to make it more LGBTQ-friendly.

They changed the lyrics, “any deal that we endeavour/boys and girls feel good together” to, “once again if we endeavour/love will bring us back together”.

Emma Bunton told the Gay Times that they made the decision collectively as a group to honor their massive LGBTQ fanbase. 

“We were traveling and we were like, ‘Absolutely, it needs to be changed.’ We felt like it needed to be more inclusive.”

She also explained how thankful they are for their LGBTQ fanbase. 

 “You notice that support – it’s just incredible,” she said. “Thank goodness we’re living at a time where everyone is supporting each other so much more now. I feel so thankful to them – when I write or when I perform, it feels on such a more open, different level. It’s so much more inclusive and special.”

Some fans pointed out that the change was already in effect during their 10th-anniversary album, but if you listen to the single of Spotify, it still has the original version. 

When the single was released in 1996, it spent three weeks on the number one spot on the charts. 

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Victoria Beckham 'Posh Spice' has decided not to join the ladies in order to continue managing her fashion empire.